2 thoughts on “ORIGINAL SONG: “Don’t Cry Little Robot”

  1. Yeah, DCLR is my favorite so far, but you should write a song that includes something about throwing chairs in the swimming pool ’cause that’s much better’n anything Charlie Chaplan (whoever the hell he-or-she was) or Oingo Boingo (whoever the hell they are-or-were) ever did…

    Kay-Lee, President, Mahatma Randy International Fan Club
    P.S. Temporary email pending establishing my own.

    1. President Kay-Lee,
      I could do that. I wrote a song called, “Waiting for the Rain,” but it was kinda maudlin and slow. I could probably slap together something fun about stashing stuff in the pool. That’s a good idea.

      I am, unfortunately, somewhat between bands at the moment, which limits my ability to record stuff, but keep nagging me about it and I’ll do it.

      Here’s a cheerfully morbid song by Oingo Boingo. The horns are great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CZCKP-H4C8

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