Summer is ten thousand days long

Then one morning

Without warning

It’s cold

And the stars wink at you

But Venus always stares

And the word for ‘sky’ and ‘metal’ are the same

And she left, but you’ve long forgotten her name

But really there never was a ‘she’

Just young fantasy

Of what the future might be

But you’re old

And the stars smirk down at you

But bloodshot Mars only stares

And the vast open sky is made of metal

What else could hold up something so large up there?

Every night you dream of Persia

With fragrant grove

And airborn song

Every night you want to stay

But you wake up

And it’s gone

Every night you’re back In Persia

Where flooded zigurats

House elegant gongs

And the Chinvat bridge spans the cavern

It doesn’t seem

So very long

And the stars are laughing at you

But you can dare Saturn to blink

And the endless sky is made of metal

That realization makes you think:

“I want to stand on top of it.”

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