Everything Is Something’s Food, 2nd Edition

Soooooooooooooo I’ve been working on the 2nd edition of my worst book, “Everything is Something’s Food.” That’s my book of lyrics and poetry I put out last year, and am currently giving away free, rather than burying it in the back yard like I probably should do. 🙂 I am far, far, far, far from a lyrical genius, and the book shows it.
For some reason I want it out there, though. Anyway, I got better over time, as “Prophet” and “Astrology,” poems I posted here a couple days ago, show.
I have this foible about books being at least 50,000 words, and EiSF was way below that. I felt guilty about it. So I added some new stuff, and some uncompiled songs a couple weeks ago, and then yesterday I found an old notebook from 1991/2 that had a bunch of old material in it.
I’m up to about 32,000 words now. I decided to write a poem a day to get it up to length, and the moment I decided that (After writing “Prophet”) I got poet’s block. Sigh.
Anyway, it’ll probably be a long while before the 2nd edition of the book comes out, but I thought my readers – if any – might enjoy knowing what I’m working on.

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