A Small Price For Immortality

I been saving my hair clippings for your witchcraft

I think I’ve got a pound or two
If you want fingernail clippings or jars of urine
I can help you out there, too
My friends have all learned not to raid my fridge
I think it’s kinda funny
So if you’d like some of my special that’s-not-lemonade
I won’t charge you very much money
Cuz I been thinkin’ bout the great hereafter
And it doesn’t seem so very long
Til the here and now becomes the bye-and-bye
And I’m not sure if it’s right or wrong
So if you want to peek into outer darkness
I’m interested in what you may find
And though I’m not about to do it for myself
I’ll gladly facilitate you and your kind
Black candles, chalk and goat’s blood
You don’t need to pay retail price
the baby’s teeth are over by the big knives
And the alligator wine is very nice
If you somehow swing resurrection of the dead
Could you ask them some questions for me?
But when you dig a grave to put him back down
Experience says You’d better dig two or three
After you’re done flying on your broomstick
Just remember to tell me what you see
And if it happens that you end up damned, well
That’s a small price for immortality
No, I’m not going to risk my soul on this crap
But if you wanna try, please feel free
I only want your money and some feedback
That’s a small price for immortality

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