ORIGINAL POEM: “Coincidence”

Born the same time
The same place
The same doctor
Different parents
Both unplanned
Both unwanted
Both up for grabs
Different results
My coincidental sister
Of the same situation
Of the same station
Of the same location
In all but blood
In all but name
In all but luck
Our doctor
Was my uncle
Or soon would be
He called his brother
Who adopted me
He offered him you, though
They thought about it
His brother and sister-in-law
But they said no
They wanted me
Fifty years later
I got to wonder
What about you
My coincidental sister
My momentary rival
My first nemesis
My first victory
Was your first loss
Or perhaps second.
We were both unwanted
By our parents afterall
My dad is gone now
My uncle too
There’s no way of telling
What became of you
But I can say
The life you didn’t get
The life I took from you
Is better than I deserved.
I should feel guilty
But I never thought of you
Until I was waiting
For the flood just now.
I do hope it went well
I hope the best happened for you
I hope the life you got
Was a good one
I hope you’re happy
I hope I didn’t ruin you
Because of my legendary luck
Because they just wanted a boy
I hope you had a good life
I hope you had fun
I hope you found love
I hope you had children
I hope you’re still alive
And happy
And if you were never any of those things
I hope you have time to find
As many of them
As possible
In the time we’ve got left.
And if we meet again
Or if we met some time before now
We’d never know.
You’d never know who I was
I’d never know you
Which is strange to think
How close our lives were
Just for one day
How fifty years
have revolved around
Just one day.
Just one uncle
Just one phone call
Just one choice
And both of us
Still reeling from it
Half a century on
But even though
I never really thought of you
Before today
Even though you probably
Never thought of me at all,
Even though
I’ll never know you
I’m still pulling for you
My long lost
Coincidental sister

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