I am officially sick of Ancient Astronaut Conspiracy Nonsense

Had to block a dude this morning because of Ancient Astronauts. A bunch of people were discussing whether or not they believed in life in space. Pretty much everyone but me said “Sure.” I explained that since there is zero proof at present, the reasonable conclusion is either “I dunno” or “No.” I’m not religiously attached to this. If SETI started getting the alien equivalent of Beverly Hillbillies reruns from Zeta 2 Reticuli tomorrow, it wouldn’t upset me at all.

This prompted the standard “Well, there’s got to be life in space, since space is so big.” This, to me, is like saying, “Godzilla must exist because the ocean is so big.” It’s more about what you want to be true, rather than what you have evidence for. I’m religious. I know these things.

Anyway, since I’m no fun, people quickly left me alone, but this one dude kept insisting that aliens had been visiting earth for our entire history. I explained that was easily-debunked nonsense, and he started shoving Zechariah Sitchin and Eric von Danikin at me. He said I should read them, I should look around, I should open my mind, and then I’d believe. He preached the gospel of ancient astronauts to me. I said, “Fine, then you read this,” and linked him to some actual scientific stuff that proves pretty conclusively that aliens have never been there. I said “It’s only fair that if you want me to question my beliefs, you should be open to question yours, too.” He didn’t.

I also tried to explain that the question of whether or not there’s alien life has nothing to do with whether or not aliens have visited earth. The universe might be full of life, but if it’s just algae, it ain’t building flying saucers. And if there’s intelligent life at, say, Zeta 2 Reticuli, there’s about 600 stars within 100 light years of there, of which we’re just one. What’s going to make them pick us out of the crowd? Or what if intelligent alien life exists, but they’re sessile sponge-like organisms on the bottom of an alien ocean who just filter feed and talk about poetry all day? They’re probably not traveling much, either. Or, hey, they’re just like us, but better looking and still stone-aged. The Stone Age lasted a loooooooooong time. A long, long, looooooooong time.

So he couldn’t grasp this. For him, alien life = ancient astronauts. Aliens built the pyramids because everyone just *KNOWS* Africans are too stupid to learn how to pile rocks on top of each other by themselves. They need aliens to help them. Aliens who didn’t teach them how to make the wheel, for some reason.

(In addition to it just being scientifically stupid, I’ve always found the “Ancient Astronauts” thing to be horribly, horribly racist)

Anyway, eventually I just got sick of it and blocked him. That might have been overreacting on my part. I’m sure he’s a fine guy, content to watch a little Mork and Mindy on channel 18 (UHF) and talk to his friends in the trailer park about how the homosexual community is working to build landing strips for gay martians outside of Des Moines, Iowa, or that Burrow Owls live in trees, or whatever irksome things people who get all their scientific knowledge from Star Trek believe this month.

Just the same, I’m sick of it. I’m 49, and as part of my ongoing efforts to FINALLY grow up, I hereby declare myself old enough that I no longer have to take part in these kinds of conversations.

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