MY DIARY: Day 18,214 – A Landmine of Pointless Nostalgia

I cleaned out a storage space this week, and found a shoebox of old crap that had been stuck on the bulletin board above the desk in my bedroom when I was in high school and college. When my mom reclaimed the room and turned it into her crafts den, they took down the board, and (Surprisingly) put all the 20-25 year old crap from it in the shoebox, which I’m now looking through a decade later.

Still rooting through it. A lot of it is standard bulleting board crap: newspaper clippings, old “Far Side” comics, some band pins, concert and movie ticket stubs, pictures of people I can’t recognize or remember, some “Go, Cougars!” high school crap, a couple short notes from friends, a lot of ROTC stuff, a couple things from church that jumped out at me. directions to a girlfriend’s house, a wide assortment of name badges from minimum wage jobs. Also, curiously, my college class ring.

The most interesting thing was a note I wrote the night before I started college and hid inside a fedora that I then nailed to the wall. (I had this cheap fedora that I wore everywhere my senior year. I retired it the day after graduation and nailed it to the wall. At the end of summer, I wrote this note, folded it up, shoved it in the hat, and forgot about it.

I’m not nostalgic by nature, but it is still kind of interesting to know that I saw Howard Jones on Friday, October 4th, 1985 (It cost me 14 bucks. “Go West” was supposed to open, but they didn’t show). Or that I saw the USF Theater Department’s produciotn of “The Poor of New York,” a play I have no memory of, on February 12th, 1988 (That seems like probably a date thing to impress a girl). Or, hey, where were you on July 26th, 1987? Well, I was down in Largo going to a pre-release test screening of “The Lost Boys.” I still have the survey card.

Anyway…into the trash with most of this crap.

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