POETRY: “Fade”

Do you remember all the fun things we used to do?
I’m glad of that, but I can barely remember you.
I can’t remember your face,
I can’t remember what you looked like naked
I can’t even remember if I ever saw you that way
I can’t remember if we made love or just made out
I can’t remember for sure if we ever even dated
My memory’s fine, but the past seems to fade away
When I hear those old songs
I think I used to think of you
When I hear them now
I can only think of the songs themselves
I remember that they used to mean something
But God help me If I know what it was
My memory’s fine, but the details fade away
I remember when I was little I had a toy
That meant everything to me
Now I can’t even remember what it was
I remember you had that little bear that you loved
You saw it yesterday and didn’t recognize it at all
Didn’t know where it came from
Didn’t remember that you sewed it
Your memory’s fine, but the feelings fade away
I remember eating, drinking, running, jumping, laughing and crying.
I remember sorrow, pleasure, pain, and grief.
I remember crying and laughing and feeling scared and feeling safe
I remember everything, but the context fades away
I found a picture of some people smiling on a beach
I was touched by how happy they both seemed
Like the whole of their lives revolved around that day
And it may have for all I know. Who am I to say?
With their big dumb smiles in the sunshine
And the way their hands clenched so tight
I didn’t recognize it was the two of us, so I threw it away
My memory’s fine, but the warmth fades away
Everything is fine, but still I fade away.

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