So what ever happened to “Polaris?”

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaars ago, on a Trek fan film page, I first heard mention of “Polaris,” an amateur SF film that was being made. It sounded *similar* to Trek, but was wholly independent and not set in the Trekiverse. I don’t remember where I first saw this, but every so often the producer/creator whould show off a new prop or whatever.

I looked forward to it, and then I forgot about it.

I got to wondering today whatever became of it, and hunted around a lot and found basically this and a few short SFX tests on Youtube. The last news on the project was that filming wrapped three years ago, and then not a peep out of anyone insofar as I’m aware.

Does anyone know if it’s still a going concern? Are they going to finish it? What’s the deal? Does anyone even know where to look for more information? ‘Cuz I’m curious.

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