This page is a sampler of my original songs, most of which were recorded by my band, “Mahatma Randy and the Randy Mahatmas” All songs were written by me (And are under my copyright) unless otherwise stated.

Song # 1: “My Baby’s the Last of the Communists”  That’s me on vocals, the late Mark Musser on bass, the late George Braiman on guitar, and Gracie Starr on drums.

Song #2: “The Prettiest Lesbian I’ve Ever Seen.” Musical credits are the same as on “My Baby’s the Last of the Communists”

Song #3: “What Is It?”  Same credits as above.

Song # 4: “Arrogant Love,” with me on vocals and the late Mark Musser on guitar.

Song #5: “I Know Why”  This song is just the wife and I. Tessa Dick (Wife of the late Philip K. Dick) liked it and is currently using it as the theme song for her radio show. I wrote it and did all the music and of course I’m singing. The missus is doing the backing vocals.


More songs to come.